Gobernador Gregores

Gobernador Gregores  guanaco on the hills around

Gobernador Gregores is a stop in the route north on Route 40. There is fishing in the surrounding lakes, steppe landscape andn tours to nearby places. One of the most beautiful looking attractions is the tulip and daffodil cultivation.

With an incredible landscape to offer, rural tourism is on the increase and there are now over 30 estancias in the province. It is cold and windy. The average maximum anual temperature is 14º, and the minimum is 2,9º, with predominant winds from the northwest-west averaging 36 km/h, and average annual rainfall of 211mm.

The town dates from 1922. An Austrian, José Kuney Posne, built his house here of wood with a roof made of metal sheets from old 20-liter fuel barrels, marketed in the area at that time. It is still there “la antigua Kuney Family in "La Herrería"herrería” (“the old smithy”).

On January 2nd, 1925, by Decree of the Government of the National Territory of Santa Cruz, the name of “Cañadón León” was given to the village, due to the proximity to the ravine where many American pumas ( called lions or leones in Spanish) lived. In 1958 the General Controller of the Province of Santa Cruz changed the town name to “Gobernador Gregores” in memory of Corvette Lieutenant Juan Manuel Gregores, who was a governor of the province during the 1930s. March 23rd was established to commemorate the foundation of the city.

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