Coihaique, Chile

We stopped at Coihaique as it was a convenient town in an area not rich in hotels. In truth the town itself has little to commend it, one way or the other. However the trips that you can take into the surrounding hills and lakes are well worth while.

Coihaique (or Coyhaique) is the capital of the Coyhaique Province and the Aisén Region of Chile. Founded as recently as 1929. Until then Chile never showed much interest in the hard-to-reach Aysén region.The opening of the Carretera Austral in the 1980s helped open up Coyhaique.

Coihaique has some of the most beautiful scenery in Patagonia. It is surrounded by the Simpson river, the Coihaique river and by mountains

One of the peculiarities of the city is its town square, laid out in the shape of a pentagon. The city is the regional service center and provides the whole range of shops and services for the surrounding region.

The best time to visit Coihaique is during the months of November through April, when the temperatures are moderate. From May until October, temperatures winter sets in with snow.








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