Walks around El Chalten, Patagonia

A number of marked trails fan out from El Chalten. Most tourists coming here stay at El Chalten, it too far from Calafate for a day trip! The trails are not demanding (well not too demanding!) but are long, several hours if yo want to get the views of Mount Fitzroy and the glaciers. Though most of the tourists were outfitted with backpacks and sleeping bags, we were able to travel lightly. That meant that we did not have the option to sleep in one of the mountain refuge huts, but I was happy to forgo that delight.

Chalten. Patagonia
A steep climb out of Chalten across boggy stretches
Mount Fitzroy, Chalten
mountain scene, Chalten
starting to see Mount Fitzroy past more streams tumbling off the mountains
mountains at El Chalten Mount Fitzroy Chile Argentine border
getting closer to the mountain peaks Mount Fitzroy in the mist
Magellanic Woodpecker El Chalten Park
A Magellanic Woodpecker thundering away in the woods A fire ravaged tree
Mount Fitzroy  range Mount Fitzroy  range and glacier
up into the mountains glacier at the end of the lake
El Chalen from afar scenery round El Chalten
back to El Chalten below The scenery round El Chalten
scenery round El Chalten walking  round El Chalten
Sheep country here Another day, another walk, another stream to cross
Mont Fitzroy Glacier in Fitzroy ranges near El Chalten
Those peaks are there somewhere Another mountain glacier, more wind

El Chalten